I create art that challenges the preconceived notions of my audience and helps them tap into the imagination they don’t use on a daily basis. I’m attracted to art that broadens my sense of empathy and the empathetic potential of my audience. My commitment to continue learning helps develop and diversify my interests while cultivating the skills and abilities I possess. There is beauty in the imagination that minimalism and simplicity require. I  believe in the power of story to expand hearts and minds. I experience excitement,  frustration, and fulfillment through the creativity required to craft a compelling performance. 

Height: 5"8

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Chicago, IL

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2010 - present

I recently received my M.A. in Interpretation and Performance Studies from Eastern Michigan University. During my graduate studies I served as a director in the 2019 Student Written Student Directed One Act Festival, and I assistant directed a devised piece entitled [Something Between] which performed early March 2020. I also designed and facilitated an applied theatre program for addressing verbal violence between Asian youth and their parents. In addition to these activities, I served as a graduate instructor for two sections of Foundations of Speech Communication, a graduate supervisor in the scene shop and the social media coordinator for the College of Arts & Sciences. My research has led me to explore Queer identity through applied theatre, autoethnography, the performance of oral histories, arts based research and physical performance. 


"The F Word"

An Intersectional Performance Celebrating Femininity (Graduate Thesis Project)

Three diverse artists will creatively articulate their perspectives on and experiences with femininity as they relate to race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, identity, family, relationships and so many other topics. The intention is to engage with femininity dialogically using applied theatre to create a performance exploring how these diverse perspectives reflect, intersect, and contradict one another. Involving integral participation from the audience this performance invites spect(Actors) to reconsider and maybe reconfigure their own relationship with femininity. 

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Femininity is an identity construct that impacts each individual differently because factors such as sex, gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and religion all prescribe different ideologies concerning this construct. Often, feminine identity is used to oppress and limit certain groups of people. Current feminist scholars question why critical femininity studies does not exist, while others believe that such a concept cannot be contained by theory and should be explored through praxis. This project aims to celebrate femininity from diverse intersectional perspectives. Like current feminist scholars, this research maintains that conducting such a study through traditional means would do a disservice to the topic. In this study, three performers use autoethnography, applied theatre, and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques to research their personal experiences with femininity. Their research will manifest as a performance of diverse works investigating the identity construct of femininity involving integral participation from the audience. The performers will not only share research but invite the audience to participate in the research. It is our intent that the diverse experiences and perspectives of the performers will offer an intersectional understanding of femininity that empowers our audience to reflect on their identities as they investigate their own relationship with femininity.

2010 - present